(previously called The Graphics Company) is a workers’ co-operative design agency. One of the good things about working with a co-operative is that you’re always talking to the boss! You’re always dealing with someone who cares a lot about your project. This is one of the reasons why many of our clients stay with us for years, here are some more…

Using limited resources creatively

Design is all about constraints and money is always one of them. We work very hard to keep costs down without sacrificing creativity or quality. We also don’t land you with unexpected additional costs.

Design is a co-operative process

A successful design project is a client-designer collaboration. We believe in this strongly and work in an open way to help this happen. This is backed up by informative written communications. You get copyright on the design we do for you (most other design companies don’t give you this).

An ethical design company promotes the use of environmentally-friendly materials and ethical working practices. We also take an ethical approach to our own business that is embodied in our constitution.