Helpful Technology

Helpful Technology is a niche digital engagement agency, helping clients – often in central and local government – to use digital tools and techniques to work more effectively and save money.

It’s led by Steph Gray, former Head of Digital Communications at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, working with trusted associates from a range of niche PR and social media agencies. Steph has been working in digital and e-government for a decade, including roles at Ipsos MORI, top-ten digital agency Reading Room and client-side in central government at DIUS, BIS and COI.

Helpful Technology offers:

  • no-nonsense advice and strategies, based on a solid understanding of clients’ goals and the context they work in
  • build and ongoing support for engagement-driven websites, with an eye on the user experience and an aim to work in sustainable ways with audiences and clients
  • training, coaching and mentoring to people interested in doing this for themselves, helping to develop skills and confidence
  • our own ready-to-go platforms, designed to enable rapid digital innovation at modest cost – including The Social Simulator, a social media skills training environment; and Read+Comment, a hosted platform to gather comments on consultations and documents.