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In 2007, Amir Helzer set up OnTheGoSystems. He wanted to solve problems faced by small businesses in the global marketplace. That drive has stayed with us as OnTheGoSystems has grown into a company that’s constantly looking for ways to improve user experience on the Internet. We do this by focusing on two main areas: how can we make it easier for people to communicate across language barriers? How can we lower the entry-level for people who want to create websites?

To survive in a global marketplace, businesses need to develop strategies to communicate across cultures and language barriers. Since 2007, this has been one of our main focuses. We know that it’s important for all businesses, not just big corporations, to have multilingual sites so in 2007 we launched ICanLocalize, providing self-service translation services for text, software and websites. In 2009, we took this experience and transferred it to the open source market, launching the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin and a Drupal module.

In 2011 we launched the Types and Views WordPress plugins. WordPress is the most widely used open source content management system in the world. More and more people want to build sites using it, but, unless you know how to write PHP, creating anything beyond a simple website or blog can be difficult. Types and Views were developed for creating and displaying WordPress content. Together, the plugins make it possible for any designer to create complex websites with WordPress.

We are always looking towards the future, always looking at ways we can provide better functionality for Internet users.

As the web evolves, we evolve with it, into new technologies and new markets, and we hope to take you along with us.